A standard Unit includes:

  • 220V Control Panel Safe Unit, complete with battery charger, battery back-up (12 hours), test facility, alarmed enclosure lid, automatic and manual activation.
  • Control panel stand
  • Gel / Lead acid battery 105 amp / hour
  • Three directional LED module light box with siren
  • Underground high volume fan 12V Complete with Non Return Flap

What makes this Unit unique?


  • Digital display battery charger that provides information on what battery is used, battery life – voltage.
  • Gel battery provides at least 12 hours battery life in emergency mode
  • Battery life (voltage) digitally displayed in event of emergency when a power outage is experienced.  This enables people in the Refuge Bay to communicate with surface rescuers on the voltage consumed on the battery  which provides emergency personnel with key information on how much time miners have underground before air runs out
  • The stand allows for flexibility
  • The lights can be mounted to a wall or fitted to the roof
  • Control Panel safety feature: if lid removed, a siren goes off to indicate that it has been tampered with
  • An optional extra is a standalone directional LED light which is fitted with it’s own power supply